About MDMM

I’m really fortunate, I have a great relationship with my father. He’s helped me out during tough times. We hang out, he’s my mate and life would be completely different if I didn’t have dad’s wisdom and support.

My Dad’s My Mate is a photographic expedition sharing the story of fathers and sons; the good stories and those that took a little more work before the bro-mance was born.

My Dad’s My Mate came into being as I want to help create change in men’s mental health by highlighting the importance of positive father/son relationships.

Here are some statistics courtesy of Beyond Blue...
1,000,000 Australians live with depression every day
2,000,000 Australians live with anxiety
1 in 8 men are likely to experience depression in their lifetime
1 in 5 men are likely to experience anxiety in their lifetime
7 Australians die every day from suicide, 5 of which are men
The highest rates of depression and anxiety occur in men aged 35-44 as do the highest rates of suicide

At MDMM we believe that strong and positive father/son relationships build positive outcomes for the future of both generations. We want to take the stigma out of saying “I love you dad” and “I love you son” and in doing so bring families closer together. Let’s open up the dialogue to discuss life’s tribulations and triumphs.

Ben Capp is a Melbourne based portrait photographer always on the look out for new commissions.

You can view his folio at

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