Daniel & Keith Portrait

I never knew my Dad.

Well not as an adult anyway. Dad died of cancer when I was 10 years old. I knew him as a child knows a father, and he was fantastic. Dad was a musician, so I was lucky enough to have his and Mum’s attention all day, every day. This meant he always had time for me, all the time in the world in fact. Even though it was a long time ago now, I still remember that we shared a tight bond and always had a lot of fun together. Whether it was singing songs at the piano, riding on his Harley or playing arcade games in a fish and chip shop, it was always filled with love and laughter. Being so young when he passed however, I never got to do things like share a drink with him or converse as adults do.

Dad was a bit of a legend in the Melbourne music scene and everyone that knew him has an interesting story to tell. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard ..... “You’re Keith McKay’s son?! The first time I met your old man…” followed by some highly entertaining story of fun and debauchery. Working in the music industry myself, it's great how often I meet new people that have these amazing stories to tell. Each story giving me a further insight into the man that my father was.

Even though I never got to stand shoulder to shoulder with my Dad as a man, through the stories that Mum, her friends, and the randoms that I meet pass on to me, I know Dad and I would have been mates, good mates.

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