Rhys & Mark Portrait

My dad’s my mate because he is hilarious. My dad and I have a very similar sense of humour and I believe that is the best way to connect with someone. I love to laugh and he loves making people laugh. We have a good thing going.

My dad is the kind of guy that I will dress up as an elderly woman just to make my friend’s laugh. Ben shot stills of us for a film called ‘The (Ex)Terminator’ directed by the wonderful Summer DeRoche. When Summer was looking to cast my mother, I asked: “Why don’t we just use my father … as my mother?” Dad was happy to help and comfortable with the terrain as he is the only Australian ever to make a living playing a Greek couple.

It was my father’s work that inspired me to follow his footsteps and run along the same winding road that leads to being comfortable with one-self. My father has taught me to be optimistic and passionate about what I believe in. I admire his commitment to his work. He is one of the most interesting, intelligent, unique, loving, creative and eccentric people I have ever met.

My dad is a brilliant man who always stimulates my creativity. I have learnt so much from him. He has taught me to make the best of the moment, as it is all we have. He has a great sense of fun and I look forward to playing dress ups with him a lot more.

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